“Double Coffee is a little piece of Europe in our city”
Anastasia Shushpanova, general manager, Double Coffee, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


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Double Coffee Double Coffee
High quality
Experience of working in CIS countries
More than
years in business
across the network
More than
million visitors
First Double Coffee restaurant was opened in 2002 in centre of Riga. By the end of 2005 we had 16 restaurants all over Latvia. In 2009 we began developing franchising system, since then we have actively expanded our network abroad.
Double Coffee's employees is one of the cornerstone of successful expansion of our network. It is because of their passion and dedication for work in Double Coffee, that we continue to grow and expand. It would be fair to say that today only the best and brightest work in our team.
Our primary criteria is the satisfaction of the customer. That is why more than 10 years we have maintained quality of service as our main priority.
We had grown in European market, but in parallel we expanded our business to CIS countries. We managed to build an European-model business that is highly adaptable to CIS market, this is one of our most crucial advantages.


Latvia / Riga (11)

Russia / Pskov

Russia / Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

  • Петропавловск-Камчатский, ТЦ «Глобус», ул. Вулканная 59, 2-й этаж
  • +7 4152 200 200

Russia / Novorosiysk

  • Новороссийск, ул. Мира 9
    Новороссийск, ул. Советов 42
  • +7 8617 303 403
    +7 8617 644 373
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Azerbaijan / Baku

Russia / Tomsk

Kazakhstan / Almaty

  • г.Алматы, ул. Наурызбай батыра 94
  • +7 (727) 261-57-57
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  • Now European brand Double Coffee opened their doors in Alamaty city. You'll find here fantastic menu and unique interior design.
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Inspiring interior design, cozy atmosphere, best coffee in the city


How long do you think it takes until restaurant starts to make a profit?
1 day? 12 days? 18 days? 1 month? 4 months? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? 5 years!
6 months
You will not have to wait years before you gain a foothold in the market.

Double Coffee is a ready-made business-model, which is profitable from day one.
Economic growth
Global recession
DOUBLE COFFEE® has proven to be resilient to every turbulence and change in the market. During Global recession network maintained a positive growth outlook.
DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise is also a smart investment
Franchising deal includes:
Training of cooks
Training of
of barista
Training of
Brandbook all brand layouts
Interior and exterior design of the restaurant
Training of the personnel
Menu and cooking methods
Advertising materials and marketing promotions
This is how much you have to spend to develop a brand for restaurant network:
Having DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise, you will spend 10 times less than that
Calculation of
Have a question?
Support service
Get in touch with us
Data base of ready solutions accumulated over 10 years
5 minuts


coffee drink recipes
of alcoholic drinks and cocktails
eastern and Eastern European dishes
We are always looking out for something new and exciting be it a new dish or a recipe.
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Single-story restaurant
Two-story restaurant
In shopping centres
Floor area 150-400 m2
From small restaurants to biggest in the city


First contact
Visit to Riga
6 months
Opening a restaurant
  • Sofya Alimochkina
  • Franchise Manager
Contact us online
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  • Partnership
  • DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise does not merely grant you the right to open a restaurant under our brand. It is a scheme that is efficient, flexible and proven over the years that will allow you in a relatively short period of time to build your own business that is not only fascinating and dynamic but also straightforward and easily manageable. Double Coffee franchisees have at their disposal all the necessary tools to build and develop a successful business:

    Rights to the use of the DOUBLE COFFEE® trademark

    Detailed insight into our network, principles of operation and philosophy

    Professional consulting and assistance in choosing the location and assessment of available infrastructure

    Development of design and technological projects, assistance with the design of the restaurant, provision of design guidelines

    Assistance in hiring of the personnel – methodology, requirements, evaluation of candidates, personal interviews

    Vocational training of the staff

    Catalogues of and requirements for professional kitchen and bar equipment

    Process schemes, evaluations, recipes of dishes and drinks, assistance with compilation of the menu

    Assistance with the selection of suppliers of equipment, furniture and other items

    Marketing strategies, methods for increasing sales and attracting customers

    Expert assistance in opening the restaurant

    Regular visits and meetings

    Extended assistance and support from the head office of DOUBLE COFFEE®, professional consultations

    Regular trainings, familiarisation with new technologies

    Online access to information, manuals and guides.

    We will always be there to lend a helping hand, because DOUBLE COFFEE® is an open and friendly company, and we consider our partners first of all as our friends. Welcome to our family!
  • How to start
  • So you are interested in starting a business under DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise. Perhaps you are looking for more in-depth answers than are provided here? Or maybe you are looking for more partnership possibilities? So let us introduce ourselves. You can reach the Director of DOUBLE COFFEE® Franchising Network Irina Proskovica, by calling +371 67297858 (office) or +371 20 040 806 (mobile) or by writing an email to franchising@doublecoffee.com. In order to gain a full insight into how DOUBLE COFFEE® network operates, it would be the best if you would come to Riga and see it first hand, so that you make an informed decision, when you decide to enter into a partnership with us. If you are evaluating acquiring the DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise, we would be happy to invite you for a visit and meet our top-management, we will even take you on a little tour of the DOUBLE COFFEE®, during which you will be able to see how everything operates for yourself. Based on our experience we are sure, that seeing our franchise in person will not leave you indifferent. Come, see and examine - we are open to new partnership opportunities!
  • Evaluation of a location
  • The importance of choosing the right location for the restaurant cannot be understated, location alone can determine the success or failure of your enterprise. So before we enter into partnership with you, we need to evaluate proposed location. In 10 years we have been operating, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in selecting locations for DOUBLE COFFEE® restaurants. In order to insure the success and by extent profitability of your enterprise, we make a requirement on franchisees, that we take a direct part in the selection process of the location. We start by defining to you clear criteria of evaluation, based on which we will then together determine the suitability of the location. In other words, location will be approved only if it has a potential for profitability. After that, you will have to e-mail or fax us the information about location that includes a description of the premises, addresses and photos. If the location is deemed suitable for Double Coffe restaurant, we will send you our network development and construction expert. During this visist the expert will evaluate the premises, surrounding infrastructure and assess the market.
  • Project development of the restaurant
  • Our experts will develop a plan for the process of your restaurant. We will provide you with a complete project of your restaurant, that is based on the layout of your premises, which will include the layout of furniture and interior design elements, colour schemes, 3D visualization, the flow plan of visitors and staff, plan of all production facilities, layout of equipment in the kitchen and the bar. We will provide you with DOUBLE COFFEE® equipment catalogues with an encompassing selection of equipment, tableware and other equipment in wide price ranges, that will enable you to reduce the costs of opening of the restaurant. DOUBLE COFFEE® experts will develop a plan of the restaurant aimed at accommodating greatest possible number of customers and optimal layout of equipment, while maintaining a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere.
  • Compilation of the menu
  • We assist our franchisees with compilation of their menus by providing them with numerous recipes of dishes and drinks, devised over long years of DOUBLE COFFEE®'s operation, and also insuring that menu would have a local flavour to it. We appreciate that there are cultural differences between countries, so we allow some flexibility in compiling menus to accommodate local preferences and tastes. You will be granted full access to dish and drink recipes and preparation techniques. A complete package of information required to design the menu will be provided: recipes, process maps, photos of dishes and drinks, menu layouts. Our specialists will advise you on all matters concerning food, including choice of food and drink, preparation, quality control, rules of serving and more. Though we do ask of all our franchisees to comply with one of our most important rules - served dishes must always look exactly as pictured in the menu. We will train your employees to the best of our knowledge, and we will guide you through all stages of development of your menu from development to publishing.
  • Training of the staff
  • We have developed extensive methodology for senior staff selection process that includes comprehensive list of requirements, we will also take an active part in review of candidates' CVs and conduct telephone interviews with the most promising candidates. After hiring our instructors will conduct the training of the staff in Riga. Entering into a franchising agreement with us will grant you access to a broad range of manuals, guides and other learning materials with which your employees will need to familiarize with before coming to Riga. In Riga your staff will have to complete our intensive training course, the course concludes with an exam, on successful completion trainee will receive a certificate of completion. We take an individual approach with each trainee, adjusting training course as needed, depending on the work experience and qualifications of the trainee. The course includes in-class studies as well as extensive work experience in DOUBLE COFFEE® restaurants in Riga under the supervision of our instructors. The training course aims to give trainees extensive knowledge of the standards and guidelines of DOUBLE COFFEE® franchise and also give necessary staff management, processes management skills, as well as make the trainee able to pass on the acquired knowledge. During training we put a particular emphasis on work efficiency. Training course for an employee can be extended, though only with your consent.
  • Assistance with the opening
  • When the construction work is completed, equipment and furniture are installed and the training of the staff is completed, our experts will come to you to help out with preparations for the opening of the restaurant. They will do additional training and testing of the staff, set up equipment, check compliance with specifications and standards, do degustation of the food and drinks, as well as make the last-minute adjustments if required. They will also be present at the opening of the restaurant first few days afterwards to observe the work of the staff, in order to iron out any possible flaws. That will help you to garner a good reputation for your establishment, and also to avoid common mistakes.
  • Marketing
  • A big part of the success of DOUBLE COFFEE® is our attention to regular advertising campaigns and promotions. During years of operation we have carried out numerous ad campaigns and promotions and have conducted effectiveness analysis of each one. As a franchisee you will have access to that analysis as well as the most effective templates for promotion materials, so that you can choose and adapt the most appropriate materials for your location, in order to maximize customer flow. If you prefer, you can also devise your own marketing events, though we do require that you coordinate such events with the head office of Double Cofee in Riga.
  • Extranet
  • Extranet is the internal network of DOUBLE COFFEE®. It is an extensive library of information for the successful operation of a DOUBLE COFFEE® restaurant in any region. It contains necessary documentation, manuals and guidelines for the planning, design and construction of restaurants; detailed catalogues of tableware, low-value inventory, equipment and hardware; job descriptions, training programs, process maps and estimates, marketing and promotional materials; calendars, forums, etc. DOUBLE COFFEE® Extranet is regularly updated, with frequent additions of new products, special offers and other useful information.
  • Support
  • We use a system that ensures prompt response to every request by a franchisee. Immediately after receiving the request, it is forwarded to the responsible consultant of the management company in Riga, who gives an answer in the shortest possible time, after which the Department of franchising contacts inquirer with the relevant information. That is made possible owing to substantial knowledge base of solutions accumulated over 10 years. This system is in part what makes our enterprise dynamic and responsive and ensures continued growth of our franchise network and your business.
  • Description of process